The Smart Way to Learn Chinese

Learning a new language builds confidence and stimulate brain growth in children. Chinese has become an importance language because of China's rapid economic growth and a quarter of population in the world are speaking Chinese. However, Chinese language is perceived as difficult to learn for non-Chinese speaker.

All kids are able to learn Chinese.  My mission is that every single kid stepping out of my class will not only learn Chinese but also build up their encyclopidia knowledge while having a fun.

 I make learning Chinese fun and exciting by using variety learning materials  and activities. The unique method of my teaching is that I design my teaching materials and program and I will tailor my program to fit the learning style of each student and keep track of their progress. This program is designed for young children who do not have any background in Chinese.  

My program includes reading, writing, speaking, and learning Chinese culture through activities and stories. The first 100 Chinese characters will be introduced during the first 8 sessions. My students have learned the first 100 characters and can have a simply conversation within only a few months.







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